Monday, January 7, 2013

Post Partum Weight Loss

Noah will be 6 months old on January 20th. I still haven't lost all my baby weight, and now in the midst of this insane resolutionizing (I know its not a word)I feel the pressure to lose the chub and move into MILFhood. (I also would like my hair to stop falling out but that is another blog post). I was watching the biggest loser last night, and seeing Jillian Michaels screaming into someones face made me remember that I have her 30 day shred DVD, that I used to get toned up before my wedding. I should dust that off and try that out, (but let me finish my enormous bowl of popcorn first). Jokes aside, its time. I am on my journey, and I am gonna have to do it mom style- which means fitting it in whenever I can, during naps, while he is awake and I am carrying him around, or whatever.

Here is my game plan

- My fitness Pal, an iphone app, is the BEST free app out there right now for tracking food, exercise, and fitness goals. I LOVE it for the vast amount of foods and exercises listed in the database, but the very best part is that you can see what your fitness friends are up to as well. It creates accountability! If you are on it, friend me! Msemarino is my handle.

- continue to breastfeed! Breastfeeding burns about 500 cal/day on average. Wowsa! You still have to watch what you eat, but that is another great reason to keep him on the teat. (I just grossed myself out)

- strapping on my pedometer (in my bra) and getting 10k steps incrementally throughout the day.

Ok, so I have 15 ellbees to lose to get to my goal. I will keep you updated. Any tips for a new mom trying to get back into shape with limited time on her hands?

Here is a photo of baby Noah today! He is sitting up and I cannot believe it. Big boy!

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  1. I'm 7 weeks out from new baby, so I feel you! Hoping to get back into walking everyday, but several feet of snow AND a toddler make that a daunting task...going to start doing the P90x yoga a couple days a week and continue nursing. Good luck in your journey, just remember, it took 9 months to put the weight on, it'll take at least that to get it off in a healthy way!